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Penelope's Story


Let us tell you a tale-like mythological story. And it's connected to our land... Have you ever heard of Penelope in the famous Odysseus epic saga of Homer?
The wife of King Odysseus, Penelope, has a story of love, patience and loyalty. When her husband, Odysseus, goes to the Trojan War not to return for years, Penelope has to deal with her insistent suitors When she realizes that no one understands reason, she comes up with a smart solution. She starts weaving a cloth and she promises to marry  by choosing one of his suitors in case her husband Odysseus does not return until the weaving is finished,  All the suitors are excited to wait, but it's futile!

Because Penelope, who works at the weaving loom during the day, removes the weaving with her hands when no one is around at night. In the morning, she starts weaving again, but since this cycle continues like this, she can never finish weaving.

Her  aim is not to finish it after all, but to stall his suitors. It takes exactly 3 years for the suitors to realize this situation. However, Penelope does not stop waiting for her husband. So at the end she gets rid of them all, by pitting the suitors against each other in an arrow shooting contest

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