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Penelope Wooly Pure Wool duvet Single 155x215 cm

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  • Penelope Wooly Pure Wool duvet Single 155 x 215 cm
    Woolly Pure wool duvet model is a Woolmark certified special duvet for those who want to experience natural and healthy sleeping comfort with the fine structure of pure new English wool. 
    English wool has been used in Penelope branded Wooly pure duvets and has been awarded the woolmark certificate.
    Wool; For thousands of years, it has been a natural and traditional filling material for a comfortable, luxurious and peaceful sleep at night.
    They are among those who miss the naturalness and warmth of pure wool and prefer traditional touches. It provides insulation against hot and cold. It regulates the moisture content in the air.
    It provides uninterrupted sleep comfort. It reduces static electricity. It is hard to wear and maintains its volume and fullness. Heat value: Hot.
    Filling: 100% pure new English wool.
    Fabric: 100% cotton. Its filling is 1000 grams.
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    Yün ürünün temizlenmesi gerektiğinde iki seçenek mevcuttur. Öncelikli olarak kuru temizleme önerilir. Su ile yıkama seçeneğinde ise, ürün 40˚C sıcaklıkta, narin programda yıkanabilir. Yıkama sonrasında ise ürün mutlaka 60˚C’nin altında bir sıcaklıkta kurutma makinesinde iyice kurutulmalıdır. Ürünler ütülenmemelidir. Renkli bir ürün olduğundan dolayı ağartıcı kullanılmamalıdır.

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