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Penelope Thermo Lyo Pro Firm Pillow 50X70+2,5

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  • Thermo Lyo Pro Firm Heat Balancing Pillow 50x70+2,5

    You will wake up renewed every day with our special pillow types, which we know the sleep language best and designed to accompany a healthy and quality sleep.
    Choosing the right pillow according to the person's sleeping style brings along healthy and quality sleep. Thermocool Lyo Pro Firm pillow absorbs excess heat when the environment gets hot, thanks to the thermo capsules inside the licensed Lyocell fabric developed with Outlast® technology, and returns the heat to the environment to provide heat balance when the environment gets cooler. Thus, it provides thermal comfort in your head and neck area without sweating and chilling.
    Inner filling: 100% Microgel. Outer fabric: Outlast Lyocell licensed fabric, and 100% cotton fabric. 1.100 gr.

    Outlast Technology
    Your skin is exposed to temperature changes during sleep.
    Your body naturally releases excess heat to the environment and sweats to cool itself.
    Outlast technology traps this heat with its patented “Thermocules”.
    As you begin to cool down, the trapped heat is returned to the body, creating a comfort zone for ideal sleep.

    Product content: 1 pcs Thermocool Lyo Pro Firm Heat Balancing Pillow

    Lying Style : It is ideal for side sleeping and supine sleeping.
    Filling Material : 100% Microgel Filling
    Fabric : Outlast licensed Lyocell fabric, 100% cotton fabric.
    Size and Weight : 50x70+2.5 cm, 1100 grams
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