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Maya Tekstil

History of Maya Tekstil

Maya Tekstil has moved from the 250 m2 workshop in Karagümrük, where it had started the first goose down pillow and duvet production in Türkiye, to the Merter workshop, and then to the 6,000m2 Sancaktepe facility in 2005, where It has increased its production capacity and workforce. In addition to goose down filled products, it has also started the manufacturing of products with microfiber and fiber bead filling at its Sancaktepe Manufacturing Facility.


Maya Tekstil today


Transition from Karagumruk to Akyazı Manufacturing Base

Starting with a dream in the Karagumruk workshop, where it has launched its pillow and duvet line in the sector of Home Textile, Maya Tekstil has continued its journey where it has today created a giant market place with the Sakarya-Akyazı R&D and Manufacturing Facility. It is rapidly moving toward the goal of branding pillows and duvets in Türkiye and building a sleep culture, while becoming a world brand with unique machine track and manufacturing power.

From 250m2 to 25.000m2


Mission and Vision:

Maya Tekstil advances with firm steps, with an understanding based on customer satisfaction and continuous development, in order to strengthen its pioneering and innovative position in the Turkish Furniture and Textile Industry, to meet the quality expectations of consumers at the highest level, to be the leading brand of healthy sleep products in our country and in the world, to build a sleep culture with personalized sleep products.


Firsts and Achievements

The first brand that springs to mind when it comes to goose down pillows and duvets in Türkiye.

The first branded pillow and duvet manufacturer,

The first goose down pillow and duvet manufacturer who has introduced our country to goose down,

The brand that has opened the first pillow and duvet store,

It has the rightful pride of having the first factory and machinery park which manufactures with all filling materials, breaking new ground in the home textile sector by opening a new course, and already taking its place in the history of Turkish trade.


Goose down Specialization

Goose down with hygroscopic feature is the most preferred, soft, light and most hygienic filling material in the world. Maya Tekstil, the leading company that has introduced the comfort of goose down in our country, strives to dominate every stage of goose down, to protect animal rights and to apply international standards.


EDFA and IDFB membership

Maya Tekstil is the only Turkish company and board member to join the EDFA, which qualifies and registers the manufacturing of goose down products under the European standards, and IDFB, which sets the standard for international hair and testing methods. It is leading the industry, having a say in setting the standards for goose down products manufactured in our country and in Europe.

Animal Rights

With its respect for Animal Rights and social responsibility awareness, it strictly does not use goose feathers obtained by hand plucking which causes pain and suffering. The feathers we supply in accordance with EN 12935 (cleaning and hygiene standard) standards are obtained as a by-product from goose farms for breeding and serving the food industry.


Maya Textile has also led the washing, drying and decomposition process of goose hair by setting up the Mayoca, a European-standard Goose Hair Processing facility, which is the only one in Türkiye and of a limited number in the world, in 2007.

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