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Delivery Conditions

Shipment costs of the product are covered by the SELLER in cases where the order amount is 500 TL or more, and by the BUYER for orders below 500 TL. The continuation or termination of this application is entirely at the discretion of Shipment fee is not included in the price of the product. The delivery will be delivered by hand to the BUYER's address located within the borders of Turkey, via the contracted Yurtiçi Kargo Company. Except for large settlements, districts, towns, etc. Shipments of cargo companies are conducted on certain days of the week. The SELLER does not accept responsibility for any delays that may occur in such cases. In addition, many cargo companies do not deliver to the villages throughout Turkey, and they charge additional fees if they do. Additional fees that may occur in such cases belong to the BUYER. Your address information that you provide to us during your shopping on is automatically transferred to the cargo company without any changes. Errors that may occur here hence the shipment being sent to the wrong address is not under the responsibility of If there is a delivery to the wrong address, the issue will be communicated to the cargo company by us and the necessary directing process will be operated in a short time.


If the SELLER's stock is available, the product delivery is made within the promised time after the payment is made. (Depending on stock, orders received before 15:00 will be delivered to the contracted cargo company within the same day). SELLER; Reserving that the fulfillment of the Goods/Services subject to the order becomes impossible, the Goods/Services delivers to the cargo within 3 (three) business days from the ordering of the Goods/Services by the BUYER, the approval of the contract and the making of the required payment. If, for any reason, the payment is canceled in the bank records, the SELLER is deemed to be relieved of its obligation to deliver the Goods/Services.

Invoices for the order are shipped with order. Your invoice(s) for your order must be legally located on the outside of your package, your orders submitted as a gift are sent to the recipient via a shipment order and the invoice is delivered to you separately. If you mark them in the relevant sections during the order, you can specify your billing and delivery addresses as different addresses. In addition, the gift order is delivered to the recipient with the Shipment invoice and the invoice is also sent to the specified address.

All kinds of orders sent through our site are prepared for the shipment together with the invoice and delivered to the cargo. If your invoice, which is legally required to be on the outside of your package, does not come with your order for any reason, you can relay your invoice request/claim to the cargo officer, and if the invoice still cannot be delivered to you despite your request, you can have a report filed for your invoice. If you inform us about the subject, the original of your invoice or a stamped copy of "same as the original" can be sent to your address as soon as possible.
If there is any deformation on the package during delivery of your cargo , check the physical condition of your product in the box by unpacking your cargo package next to the carrier before signing the delivery form. If the product contained in the box is damaged in any way, do not pick up the product and return it to the cargo officer and make sure to have cargo damage report is filed. In this way, the products returned to us are exchanged and sent to you again. If it is not possible to send your product at the moment, your fee will be refunded to you. Likewise, if you notice when you check your shipment that the delivered product does not belong to you and is something that you have not requested, before signing the cargo delivery report, do not receive the cargo and return it to the cargo officer. If you inform us about the issue, the necessary checks will be made and the correct product will be sent to you after the returned product reaches us.

If your order does not reach to you, you can check the accuracy of the information you have provided during your order, and track the status of your order from the "follow order" section of our site under the member category or the Yurtiçi Kargo page. If, despite all the correct information is provided, your order is being sent to a different address, we kindly ask you inform us through Customer Service. The issue will be discussed with the carrier and your order shall be delivered to you, correctly.

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