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(International Sleep Products Association)

The International Sleep Products Association - ISPA (International Sleep Products Association) represents approximately 700 manufacturers across 50 countries worldwide. The association also offers a wide range of services for all its members in the fields of legislation, information and training. MAYA TEKSTİL has been an ISPA member since 2011.

(European Down and Feather Association)

The EDFA has been operating in order to achieve better quality standards for hair-filled products, since its establishment. Bringing together the firms with experts in their fields, EDFA creates interaction among the parties in the manufacturing process. Maya Tekstil, which has been a member of the EDFA (European down and Feather Association) since 2008, has registered EDFA's production of European standards as the first and only member of Turkey. PENELOPE products are labeled according to the European Union standard EN12934. This standard clearly states which ratio the tickle or back hair used in the products should have. Goose hairs used IN PENELOPE products have been tested according to EU standards EN1162, EN1163, EN1164 and EN12130.

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EN 1162: Assignation of the oxygen index number

EN 1163: Assignation of the oil content

EN 1164: Assignation of infusion in aqueous environment

EN 12130: Assignation of Filling Power (or mass volume)

GOST-R - Rusya Hijyen Sertifikası

It is the quality certificate requested for products affecting public health under the "Consumer Rights Protection Act" in Russia. The certificate given after tests in accredited laboratories of the Ministry of Health of Russia is based on the GOST-R document. It documents that the product is within Russian health norms. PENELOPE products are Gost-R certified.


It is a commercial organization established in Paris in 1953, aimed at bringing together companies operating in the hair and related sectors. It establishes safe and clear, easy identification to the consumer by setting standards on international hair and test methods. Maya Tekstil plays an active role in the determination and development of international standards as Turkey's only IDFB member organization and adapts them to all products under its brands.

Licence We Own


The EDFA (European down and Feather Association) trademark, NOMITE, which registers the production of household textile products in European standards, indicates that the products have hygienic features. Manufacturers using the NOMITE document are considered to have accepted the criteria of the German Institute of Norm through PAS 1008. According to this, products with NOMITE documents are registered to be suitable even for people who are allergic to hair and hair-based products. The NOMITE mark on products with feathering material proves that products are ideal for people who are allergic to household dust. Products marked with NOMITE also show consumers that the standards of production are at the European level. The NOMITE mark on PENELOPE products is the most concrete document of the fact that no dust flows can be detected on the pillow, duvet and sleeping pads with goose down fillings. Click tıklayınız. to access our Nomite Certificate.


Tencel fiber is derived from eucalyptuses, a cellulosic-based fiber type to regenerated. Its natural structure makes it soft and silky. In TENCEL, the fiber moisture ratio is 13 percent and in polyester it is only 1 percent. The natural humidity ratio makes Tencel an electrostatic unloaded and voltage-free fiber. This feature allows for a better sleep and full rest. The muscle system reins itself through the night, completely loosening. Because of its natural structure, Tencel breathes. It transfers moisture very well and does not make you feel uncomfortable if the body is sweating. It retains its brightness and color even after many washings. Therefore, it has a high color-level. Bacteria cannot be accommodated in Tencel, which provides natural protection against the bacteria. Excellent moisture management of cellulose fiber, where TENCEL is obtained, reduces bacterial reproduction. So it blocks bacterial growth without any chemical additives.


"Woolmark® labeled products must meet strict standards of quality and performance. Only the best-quality wool can carry the Woolmark brand. British wool has been used and the Woolmark® l label has been obtained for "The Wooly Organic wool pillows and duvets, under the Penelope Brand.

  • The Woolmark® brand is one of the most recognized textile brands in the world.
  • The value of the Woolmark® brand is well known and recognized throughout the world in the textiles and apparel, home textiles and laundry products and machinery industries.
  • The Woolmark® brand provides consumers with guaranteed fiber content and quality assurance.
  • The Woolmark® brand is supported by technical specifications and rigorous independent testing.

ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization)

The ISO 9000 Quality Standards Series is a complete set of standards that guide organizations to the establishment and development of the Quality Management System for increased customer satisfaction and are published by the International Standards Organization (ISO). ISO 9001 is the standard that defines the conditions that must be applied during the installation of the Quality Management System and is the basis for documentation.
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OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

The main purpose of OHSAS 18001 is to create and manage a healthy, safe working environment, by eliminating or minimizing the risks in the organization under the light of legal legislation on occupational health and safety. In more detail, The objectives of OHSAS 18001 can be covered in three main headings which are: 
1) Protecting employees: Protecting employees from the adverse effects of the workplace, ensuring that they work in a comfortable and safe environment is the first objective of occupational health and safety. 
2) Maintaining production safety: Maintaining production (product and/or service) is one of the aims of occupational health and safety, as a result of minimizing labor and work day losses due to occupational accidents and occupational diseases, and thus increasing business efficiency. 
3) Maintaining Business safety: The elimination of fire, explosion, machine failures and disables that could jeopardize the business with the measures taken in work environments will maintain operational safety.
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Outlast® is the technology that NASA uses to prepare space suits for astronauts to maintain warm and cold control. The Outlast ® certified product is made from millions of capsules filled with a special candle that has high heat absorption and release below its active surface. Cushion and duvets manufactured by Outlast ® technology helps reduce and stabilize temperature fluctuations. Maya Tekstil has the right to produce pillows and duvets in Türkiye under the license of Outlast®.

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